iMRS prime

The world’s only 6-dimensional PEMF therapy system.

The iMRS Prime is the world’s most innovative and only 6-dimensional PEMF system! It combines the proven PEMF-Therapy that has been successfully used in 7 generations of MRS 2000 and iMRS systems over the last 25 years with many new revolutionary features never before seen in the PEMF world!

Exagon FIR

One of the first and most exciting new features is the integration of advanced far infrared (FIR) heating elements into the whole body applicator (Exagon FIR) to be used in combination with PEMF. Far infrared therapy complements PEMF-Therapy with additional benefits in terms of microcirculation and detoxification. The FIR technology opens a new horizon in terms of the simultaneous use of PEMF and FIR, and the experience of an application is unique: it feels like being on a raft in calm waters.

Exagon Brain

Also new is the Exagon Brain, which uses timed pulses of light, color and sound to provide a quantum leap in brain relaxation therapy. The specially designed goggles, which have 12 built-in LEDs on each side, are integrated into a housing that is completely darkened for optimum performance.

Exagon Sense

Another major advance is the new and improved Exagon Sense HRV biofeedback system, now designed for medical diagnosis, with improved performance and revised form and function. The measured data can be extracted, read into HRV diagnostic software (Kubios) and evaluated. In addition to HRV biofeedback, the Exagon Sense also offers the ability to measure blood oxygen concentration using a pulse oximeter function.

6D wellness for every body!


PEMF Therapie

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The body’s cells are „recharged“ every day using the latest PEMF technology (triple sawtooth waveform). The parameters (intensity and frequency spectrum) are each within the optimal operating window (0.5 – 25 Hz and 0.1 – 70 microTesla).

Magnetfeld-Therapie - Far Infrared

FIR (Far Infrared)

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Far infrared rays penetrate about 4-5 cm into the body and warm the skin, blood, lymph vessels and muscles. On a physiological level, they dilate capillaries and improve microcirculation.

iMRS prime - Biofeedback


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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an accurate and medically accepted measure of autonomic nervous system function.

iMRS prime - Farbtherapie

Color Therapy

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Colors affect us differently because they contain different wavelengths and frequencies, which in turn can address different areas of the brain.

iMRS prime - Lichttherapie

Light Therapy

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Brainwave stimulation uses constant, repetitive pulses of light to synchronise the brain with the stimulus.

iMRS prime - Tontherapie


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Audiovisual Brainwave Entrainment (AVE) = simultaneous use of sound and light. The Exagon Brain combines rhythmic sound and light stimuli in harmony with the biological organ clock to achieve the best possible brainwave stimulation.

The iMRS prime offers many features and benefits never before combined in a PEMF system.

iMRS prime - Faststart

Fast Start Programs

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9 easy to use and efficient applications on the GO!

iMRS prime - Programmier-Modus

Programmable applications

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Create your own user profiles.

iMRS prime - Split Modus

Split function

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2 PEMF systems in one!

iMRS prime - Gehirnwellenstimulation

Brainwave Entrainment

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The power of light, sound and color!

iMRS prime - Biofeedback

Advanced Biofeedback

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HRV recording and SpO2 control

iMRS prime - Hybrid

Hybrid application

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Operate PEMF and FIR simultaneously

Discover all the elements that make the iMRS prime the most advanced PEMF system on the market!

All components of the iMRS prime system have been redesigned, from the control panel and applicators to accessories such as Exagon Brain and Exagon Sense.

Learn more about the features of all the components of the iMRS prime that make this system different from other PEMF devices on the market!

iMRS prime Advanced