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What is PEMF-Therapy?

Magnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy (PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic fields”), is the use of pulsating electromagnetic fields for the well-being of humans and animals.
In fact, numerous studies have shown that low-energy pulsed fields in the „biological window“ frequency range (3 Hz – 25 Hz), as well as the internal and external oscillation patterns of the earth’s magnetic field (7.83 Hz – 11.79 Hz), can produce amazingly positive changes in the organism.

How does PEMF-Therapy work?

Every cell in your body works like a capacitor or battery that holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and each of your cells needs a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. This cell voltage is crucial for your health.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy and cell stimulation works like a battery charger for the entire body, replenishing the electrical charge of your 100 trillion body cells, thereby improving ATP production, increasing oxygen supply, improving circulation, promoting water absorption, aiding detoxification and improving nutrient absorption.


Range of applications of PEMF in humans?

Overall, PEMF offers a wide range of applications with few side effects. In particular, home users benefit from an improvement in energy balance, a holistic balancing of the body, an increase in vitality, a reduction in pain, an improvement in blood circulation and an optimisation of sleep.

For Your Business Life:

to maximize your mental clarity, focus and productivity

for efficient 8 – 24 minute work breaks, providing essential renewal in the midst of your projects requiring heavy concentration

for healthy on-the-job stress management

For Professional and Amateur Sports:

for pre-competition warm-up

to reduce or eliminate lost training days due to illness

for rapid post-exercise recovery after strenuous workouts

to support faster rehabilitation for injuries

For the elderly:

to improve mobility

to increase energy, vitality and strength

to provide metabolic support

for bed-bound people to optimize physical and psychological balance

For Wellness and Anti-Aging:

to improve circulation and immune system function

to activate cellular metabolism and repair

to aid relaxation and detoxification

to provide optimal overall vitality

What are the known side effects of PEMF-Therapy?

When used correctly, pulsating magnetic field therapy has very few known side effects. In general, most users do not notice any changes during treatment.

In the therapeutic treatment of acute cases, about 10% of treated patients may experience a so-called initial worsening (healing reaction) during the first days/weeks of treatment, which is caused by an increase in symptoms. This is often to be expected in patients on long-term medication, as it can be a consequence of a drug-induced regulatory rigidity and the subsequent conversion processes to activate self-regulation.

When used prophylactically, a slight tingling sensation or warmth may be felt on the body as a result of activated blood circulation.

What are the contraindications to PEMF-Therapy?

Do not use PEMF-Therapy:
  • during pregnancy
  • with epilepsy
  • with electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (exceptions with a doctor’s permission)
  • at children younger than 2 weeks
PEMF-Therapy may only be used with permission and under medical supervision in the case of:
  • tumor diseases
  • severe cardiac arrhythmia
  • acute episodes of hyperthyroidism
  • electromagnetic hypersensitivity

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Der bioenergetische Organismus

Der bioenergetische Organismus

Um zu verstehen, wie der Körper mit Magnetfeldern interagiert und darauf reagiert, müssen wir erkennen, wie sehr unsere Körper selbst bioenergetische Organismen sind.

Everything you need to know about magnetic field therapy

Magnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy is an alternative healing method based on the use of magnetic fields to relieve pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process. This form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular and many people have questions about its effectiveness, application and possible side effects. In this Q&A section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about magnetic field therapy so that you can make a well-informed decision about whether this form of therapy is right for you.

What is magnetic field therapy?

PEMF therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses magnetic fields to relieve pain and discomfort and improve physical well-being.

How does magnetic field therapy work?

Depending on the applied properties (waveform, intensity, frequency, coherence), the generated magnetic field produces local health-promoting effects in the areas where the field is applied. The iMRS prime system as well as the Omnium1 system belong to the specific group of low-pulse and low-frequency devices. Due to their unique properties, both systems are designed to have a holistic effect on almost all the approximately 70 trillion cells in an average human body. The particular principle of operation is based on the ability to increase and improve the membrane potential of each cell to improve microcirculation, metabolism and ultimately energy production (ATP = adenosine triphosphate).

Who can benefit from magnetic field therapy?

PEMF therapy can benefit people with a variety of aches and pains, including arthritis, back pain, headaches, sports injuries and chronic pain.

But healthy people can also benefit from magnetic field therapy: To create and maintain a healthy organism, the smallest intelligent building block, the human or animal cell, must function at the highest level. Metabolism serves as a mechanism to convert all used nutrients, oxygen and other vital substances into ATP = adenosine triphosphate and at the same time efficiently release the generated „waste“. ATP is predominantly responsible for initiating and maintaining all vital functions of a living organism. In addition, proper microcirculation enables the organism to provide vital hormone and neurotransmitter information, effectively remove waste, and maintain immune defenses. The performance and functions of all tissues, organs, glands, muscles and joints are subject to functioning microcirculation and cellular functionality.

Is magnetic field therapy safe?

Yes, magnetic therapy is a safe treatment method with very few known side effects.

However, PEMF devices of all types (high and low frequency, high and low intensity) are not free of contraindications and interactions. Depending on the applied field strength, frequency and waveform, contraindications can vary widely. Based on the risk analysis that is a mandatory part of any medical certification, the legal contraindications for the iMRS prime system and the Omnium1 system are as follows:

  • During pregnancy
  • With epilepsy
  • With electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (exceptions with the approval of a treating physician)
  • Children under 2 weeks

In addition, the following so-called „relative contraindications“ (we call them interactions) must be considered and evaluated by a licensed healthcare provider on an individual basis prior to PEMF use:

  • Tumor disease
  • Severe cardiac arrhythmias
  • In acute attacks of hyperthyroidism
  • In cases of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMS).
How long does a magnetic field therapy session last?

The duration of a magnetic field therapy session can vary depending on the need and goal of the treatment, but usually it lasts between 8 and 30 minutes.

How long should you use magneticv field therapy?

Basically, you apply magnetic therapy until the healing period is complete, and you are free of symptoms. However, PEMF application is also designed and effective as a preventive modality. In addition to a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, hydration, exercise, avoidance of alcohol and nicotine), you should incorporate PEMF application into your daily routine! Using iMRS prime or Omnium1 is very beneficial to keep your whole organism healthy. PEMF supports relaxation, stress reduction and improves your sleep quality!

Can magnetic field therapy be used together with other therapies?

Yes, magnetic therapy can be well combined with other therapies to achieve an optimal treatment outcome because:

  • it serves as a very effective conjunctive application and significantly improves the success of established therapy routines!
  • it promotes comprehensive healing based on self-regulation!
  • there are almost no contraindications and interactions with medications or other therapies!
  • it forms the basis for other therapies, especially in cases where a good constitution / energy of the patient is crucial for the healing process!
  • its efficiency is nowadays medically recognized and scientifically proven!
  • it is easy to use, does not require specialized personnel and does not need supervision during an application!
  • PEMF often helps and improves the state of health when other modalities no longer show results!
  • it is non-invasive and very safe to use!
  • the cost-benefit ratio is unparalleled!
  • it is maintenance free and requires no consumables!
Are there any studies on PEMF?

The application of pulsating electromagnetic fields has a long history in the field of science and medicine and has been scientifically researched for more than a century. Basically, thousands of studies and scientific articles have been published and are available, but most have the limitation of not having a comparable classification. Please note that a study containing the term „PEMF“ may not be claimed for every system or device on the market! The determining factor as to whether a clinical study can be associated with a particular system or device depends solely on the applied characteristics with which the study was conducted. These properties are: Waveform, intensity levels, applied frequency spectrum, applicator design and technology, duration of application, environment of the study, number and age group of subjects, and duration of the study. To date, competitive PEMF device manufacturers and suppliers claim „proprietary“ research and give the impression that only their devices or systems are „medically“ approved or provide certain results. Industry-friendly studies involving dependent and „paid“ subjects are only good for marketing, but in no way reflect scientifically and independently proven effects. The same is true for signals often referred to as „patented signals“: under no circumstances can a patented signal or waveform claim a clinically proven health-promoting effect. A patent is nothing more than a legal form of intellectual property protection. This approach is not only misleading, but also illegal and in violation of applicable law. The applied PEMF properties of iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems are based on basic and fundamental research (biology, physics) with pulsed electromagnetic fields and their effects on living organisms – all focused on the critical components: Waveform, intensity levels, frequency spectrum, applicator design and technology, resonance and coherence! The efficiency and performance of a PEMF system does not depend at all on the brand name, but solely on the applied properties!

Can I use PEMF if I have a metal implant (surgical screws, staples, plates)?

Not every PEMF device can be used if a patient wears a metal implant. High-intensity devices create interactions that can lead to heating of the metal in the body! iMRS prime and Omnium1 systems from Swiss Bionic Solutions can be used without restrictions, as their applied intensity levels are too low to produce interactions with the metal.

How long does it take for magnetic field therapy to produce results?

Usually, the basic success of magnetic therapy depends on the severity of the condition itself, as well as the age, general condition, and lifestyle of the user/patient. Acute conditions = faster results, chronic conditions = results may take longer and are usually insidious. When used consistently according to the suggested application protocol, initial results are present within a 2 to 4 week time frame, although some acute conditions may occur in even less time. Hydration is very important when using PEMF applications. Please make sure you always drink a glass of purified or activated water before a PEMF application. This will greatly improve the efficiency!

Does PEMF replace conventional therapy?

PEMF application is a conjunctive modality, but does not replace conventional treatments performed by your physician! However, because PEMF therapy enhances self-healing, it serves as an effective support to accelerate repair and healing, and can potentially improve and optimize the results of existing and applied primary therapy modalities.

Is PEMF able to increase the general performance level of athletes?

The answer is a resounding „YES“. Based on the way it works, PEMF optimizes the cell membrane potential. This effect leads to a better absorption of nutrients and oxygen and thus increases the body’s own ATP production (adenosine triphosphate). More ATP = more energy = better performance! In addition, PEMF increases microcirculation = better supply of all performance-related substances in the entire organism = better performance!

Can PEMF help with faster recovery in athletes?

Today, the regeneration process is much better understood and respected among athletes. Rest after training or competition is becoming a critical factor in building and maintaining peak performance, and professional recovery also serves as a protective measure against injury and disease. Low pulsed PEMF applications with the iMRS prime or Omnium1 promote the removal of lactic acid, creatine kinase and other waste products and keep the metabolism active even at rest and digestion stages – this process is important to pass the toxic substances through the lymph to „clean“ the whole organism. The simultaneous use of Exagon Brain or OmniBrain additionally affects the mental state of an athlete, depending on which light frequencies, colors and sound sequences are applied.

Does PEMF affect concentration, focus, coordination, reflexes, and anticipation?

Based on the property of PEMF to optimize the overall functions of metabolism, the motor performance spectrum can also be optimized. Additional brainwave stimulation improves mental strength and awareness. When both modalities are used simultaneously, the body and mind experience a higher level of overall efficiency.